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Business Development Coordinator

Men of Destiny, Redeeming the Time

By purchasing this book, you support the mission to provide substance abuse treatment, improve family relationships, and much more.

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Dr. Ronald D. Garrett is the Business Development Coordinator for Knewskill, a company dedicated to developing learners into adaptable, collaborative, problem solvers with the entrepreneurial drive to perform and evolve at the speed of work.

On July 28th, 2018, Garrett delivered an audacious Ted Talk entitled, Permission to Dream Again: The Impact of Addiction on Mass Incarceration, at TedxDecatur, held at Emory University.

In 2017 Garrett, along with a core leadership team, designed, and implemented the Katie J. Wright Re-entry Dorm Program at Phillips State Prison. This twelve month program focuses on equipping men with the soft skills of problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and diversity, which are necessary for returning citizens (ex-offenders), to be successful upon reintegration into society.

In 2011, Garrett served as a chaplain’s aide, and a member of the core leadership team who implemented the Walker Faith and Character Based Program, a 400 bed facility,which became the “first” Faith and Character Based Prison within the Georgia Department of Corrections. The two year voluntary program is focused on character development and behavior modification. During the implementation process of this program, he served as Scheduling Coordinator (creating and managing a 50 course curriculum), Administrative Peer Counselor (the primary leader of the 40 man leadership team and staff / program participant liaison), co-author of the procedures manual, and he implemented the peer leadership training program. To document this historic initiative, he served as co-editor of the book project “Men of Destiny, Redeeming the Time”, a collection of testimonies from the pioneer graduating class of the the Walker Faith and Character Based Program.

In 2005, while at Wilcox State Prison, Garrett served as a chaplain’s aide, implemented a two year discipleship course curriculum, and co-authored a Kairos (Inside) Leadership Procedures Manual.

During his incarceration, Garrett earned a BA in Theology (2003), Master of Ministry / Church Administration (2009), and a Doctor of Ministry / Chaplaincy Services (2012). On September 4, 2018, he was released from the Augusta Transitional Center, after completing a twenty year prison sentence. Garrett’s vision for the future is to plant a Purpose Driven Church, specifically to meet the needs of returning citizens and their families. The vision for Cornerstone Image Ministries will include a church family, a faith-based transitional center, entrepreneurial thinking education, job placement, mentoring, credit counseling, addiction treatment / counseling, and many other services necessary for any returning citizen to be successfully reintegrated into society.

Motivational Talk Topics

Hope, in the Midst of Hopelessness, is an inspirational message encompassing my struggle with addiction, incarceration, recovery, and the full manifestation of my vision to establish a holistic process to assist others who desire to pursue the life of their dreams. A primary point of focus is the ability of the human spirit to overcome and prevail in the midst of a seemingly hopeless situation, by an unwavering commitment to turn my incarceration experience into an opportunity to become equipped to inspire and serve others who need to be encouraged through the
difficulties of life.

Have you, a loved one, or someone you know ever:

  • Struggled with substance abuse?
  • Struggled with difficulties in friendships or family relationships?
  • Been incarcerated?
  • Suffered from gang violence?
  • Are you concerned about the direction of the youth in your community?

By purchasing a copy of, Men of Destiny, Redeeming the Time, you support the mission to provide substance abuse treatment, improve family relationships, prepare Returning Citizens for a successful reintegration into society, break the cycle of gang violence, and reduce the youth drop out rate and reduce youth incarceration.

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Men of Destiny,
Redeeming the Time

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